Reading Groups

DCAMP Reading Group 2018-2019: Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy

The Reading Group meets on Tuesdays during Term from 4 to 5 p.m.

  • In Easter Term the room will vary from week to week: we start in ER A81 (weeks 1-2), then go to ER 263 (weeks 3-6), and end up in ER 178 (weeks 7-9).
  • Please note that in week 3 (14th May) the Reading Group will be suspended while we host a talk by Ilaria Ramelli.
The reading group is in recess for Easter. We will begin again on 30th April, 2019, at 3 pr. 5 -- about two-thirds of the way in, at 'omne enim quod cognoscitur'. ER A81. See you then!