Prof. George Boys-Stones


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George Boys-Stones is Professor of Ancient Philosophy at Durham. He has published on a wide range of topics in the field, but has a special interest in the philosophy movements of the post-Hellenistic period, with books currently in press on Middle Platonism and the Stoic Cornutus.

Prof. Boys-Stones is Managing Editor of the Ancient-Philosophy journal Phronesis, General Editor for the Routledge monograph-series Issues in Ancient Philosophy, Joint Editor of the Brill series Ancient Philosophy & Religion, and a member of the Advisory Board for Brill's Ancient Philosophical Commentary on the Pauline Writings.

Dr Sara L. Uckelman


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Dr Sara Uckelman is a Lecturer of Philosophy at Durham University. She joined the department in 2014, having previously held research posts in Heidelberg, Tilburg, and Amsterdam.

Her primary research is in the realm of formal modeling and interactive logic. She is interested in bringing togther tools and techniques from modern logic and artificial intelligence to help explore and understand practices of reasoning and argumentation in historical contexts. Her personal research is primarily focused on developments in medieval Western Europe, particularly in medieval theories of obligationes.

She is also interested in abstract dialogue and argumentation systems, the influence of theology on the development of medieval logic, computational social choice and medieval economic and trade history.

Her research interests include Mathematical Logic; Medieval Modal, Temporal and Tense Logic; Onomastics; Philosophical Logic; Philosophy of Fiction and Philosophy of Language.

She is the Editor-in-Chief and Principal Investigator of the Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources, and an Associate Editor of Journal of Logic, Language, and Information.

Staff and Research Fellows

Dr Myrthe Bartels

COFUND JRF from Sept. 2018

E-mail: (to follow) | Website: Link

Dr Elizabeth Biggs (Research Interests: Priory Library Project)

E-mail: | Website: Link

Prof. Nancy Cartwright (Research Interests: Aristotelian metaphysics and its role in modern science )

E-mail: | Website: Link

Dr Andrea Capra (Research Interests: Classical philosophy (especially Plato) and poetry)

Prof. Serafina Cuomo (Research Interests: ancient mathematics and technology)

E-mail: | Website: Link

Dr Jeremy Dunham (Research Interests: 17th-19th-century philosophy)

E-mail: Website: Link

Dr Patrick Gray (Research Interests: Shakespeare; Montaigne; Renaissance Literature; Classical Reception; Intellectual History; History of Emotions)

E-mail: | Website: Link

Dr Jane Heath (Research Interests: Clement of Alexandria; New Testament; theology of the image / embodiment)

E-mail: | Website: Link

Dr Phillip Horky (Research Interests: Ancient Philosophy, esp. Presocratics, Plato, the Early Academy, Aristotle)

E-mail: | Website: Link | Twitter: @neo_pythagorean

Dr Alberto Rigolio (from Sept. 2018)

E-mail: (To follow) | Website: Link | Twitter: @AlbertoRigoli

Prof. Christopher Rowe (Emeritus)

E-mail: | Website: Link

Prof. Martin Ferguson Smith (Emeritus) (Research Interests: Epicureanism, esp. Diogenes of Oinoanda and Lucretius)

E-mail: | Website: Link

Dr Elsa Simonetti (Research Interests: Plutarch, divination)

Newton International Fellow


Dr Anders Dahl Sørensen

COFUND JRF from Sept. 2018

E-mail: (to follow) | Website: Link

Dr Rik Van Nieuwenhove (Research Interests: Medieval theology, especially theology of the Trinity and soteriology; late-medieval spirituality of the Low Countries (especially Ruusbroec))

Assistant Professor of Medieval Thought

E-mail: | Website: Link

Ms J T Wolfenden (Research Interests: Hellenistic Philosophy, esp. literary philosophy incl. Lucretius, Philodemus, Seneca, and Lucan)

E-mail: | Website: Link

Dr Emma Woolerton (Research Interests: Lucretius)



Justin Allison (Research Interests: Epicurean and early Christian communities )

E-mail: | Website: Link

Giulia de Cesaris

E-mail: Website: Link

Annalisa Wilson (Research Interests: Stoic adiaphora and Paul)



Edoardo Benati (Research Interests: Plato, Early Academy)

Visiting student (Sept. 2018-July 2019)

Details of Edoardo's project can be found here.

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