July 11, 2019


Name Dr Myrthe Bartels Email myrthe.l.bartels@durham.ac.uk Category Conference / workshop



Philosophy of Music: Perspectives on Antiquity

Confirmed speakers:

  • Myrthe Bartels (Durham University), Musical humanism in Baïf’s Académie de Poésie et de la Musique
  • David Creese (Newcastle University), Ptolemy on well-crafted modulation and musical beauty
  • Andy Hamilton (Durham University), The Acousmatic in Pythagoras, Pierre Schaeffer and Scruton
  • Tosca Lynch (University of Oxford), The World Soul in the Timaeus, and its relationship to the harmoniai of Republic 3 for the education of the Guardians
  • Max Paddison (Durham University), Mimēsis in Aristotle’s Poetics and its reception in Adorno and Ricoeur
  • Jacomien Prins (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia), Marin Mersenne on Song and the Passions of the Mind
  • Hector Sequera-Mora (Durham University), topic tbc
  • James Young (University of Victoria), topic tbc



Senate Suite, University College, Durham DH1 3RW, UK.