February 21, 2018


Name Carlo Cacciatori / Giulia De Cesaris Email carlo.cacciatori@durham.ac.uk Categories Conference / workshop , DCAMP event



Metaphysics and Epistemology in Plato’s Academy

A workshop to investigate the relationships between metaphysics and epistemology as they were interwoven within Plato’s Academy. It seeks to understand the co-implication of the theories of being and knowledge not only as they are expressed in Plato’s later dialogues (especially Sophist, Philebus, Statesman and Laws) but also in the writings and testimonies of Plato’s younger contemporaries in the Academy (Eudoxus, Aristotle, Speusippus, Xenocrates, Philip of Opus, and Heraclides of Pontus).

Speakers include Thomas Bénatouïl (Lille); Laura Castelli (Munich); Filippo Forcignanò (Milan); Roberto Granieri (Toronto); Victor Gysembergh (Berlin); David Sedley (Cambridge); and Georgia Tsouni (Bern).

Through the generosity of Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership, we are able to offer small bursaries to support postgraduates and early career scholars who would like to participate.

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Horsfall Room, Ramsey House, 25 North Bailey, DH1 3EW