March 14, 2018


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The Legacy of the Timaeus (conference)

The legacy of fundamental structures in Plato’s Timaeus for Medieval and Renaissance Europe

This conference is the culmination of Classics Department Research Project for 2017/18. Speakers include:

  • Andrew Briggs (University of Oxford)
  • Sarah Byers (Boston College)
  • Guy Claessens (Leuven)
  • Christian Frost (Birmingham City University)
  • John Hendrix (Roger Williams University)
  • Gijsbert Jonkers (Zwolle)
  • Federico Petrucci (Durham University)
  • Jacomien Prins (Warwick)
  • Carlos Steel (Leuven)
  • Nicholas Temple (University of Huddersfield)
  • Nancy Van Deusen (Claremont Graduate University)
Please note that the venue has changed, to the Miners' Association (Flass Street).

Follow this link for the full programme.


Miners' Association (DH1 4BE)