June 24, 2019


Name Anders Dahl Sørensen Email anders.d.sorensen@durham.ac.uk Category Conference / workshop



Workshop on the Anonymus Iamblichi

Honour, Justice and Law. Approaches to the Anonymus Iamblichi

The so-called ‘Anonymus Iamblichi’ is an unnamed Greek author from the late fifth or early fourth century BCE whose work has been partly preserved in the form of seven extensive citations in Iamblichus’ Protreptikos. He stands out as one of the very few examples of a sophistic thinker whose ideas and arguments can be reconstructed on the basis of the substantial preservation of his own writings, as opposed to the indirect report of later authors. However, despite its philosophical interest and significance for understanding early Greek moral and political thought, the text of the Anonymus Iamblichi has not yet received the scholarly attention it deserves. The envisioned workshop will offer an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars the opportunity to engage in a comprehensive exploration of key aspects of this fascinating but overlooked text and its place in the intellectual, social and political landscape of classical Greece.

  • Carol Atack (Oxford)
  • Merrick Anderson (Princeton)
  • Miriam Peixoto (Minas Gerais)
  • Jakob Leth Fink (Gothenburg)
  • Kleanthis Mantzouranis (Edinburgh)
  • Anders Dahl Sørensen (Durham)